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  1. I had this problem a year or so ago and I'm trying to remember what I figured out about it. Did you use the "load CD audio tracks" command in the file menu? If not, try that. If you did use that and it didn't work, I'd recommend trying (just a sample, don't do them all until you find something that works!) copying one of the CD tracks to your hard disk, then loading into EScribe. I think it's one of these two methods that worked for me. Good luck!
  2. The files I'm attempting to load are .WMA files. I've tried so many things, including the latest version, that at this point I really don't remember what the problem was with the latest version, but I think it was the same. If I do get a file to look like it's loading, the duration reads 0:00, and when I try to play it, nothing is there. After messing around with the new version, I looked for comments here and saw suggestions to load the old version because it's less buggy. Since I've been successful with that on my other computer, I tried to go back to it. Still no go. Meanwhile, on the
  3. I've been successfully using Express Scribe for a couple of years on one computer and am now in need of setting it up on my laptop, as I'll be dislocated from my home office for several days beginning tomorrow. I downloaded the newest version onto my laptop, had problems with it and then read that others suggested using 4.02 instead, so I removed the new program and downloaded 4.02. The program seems to have installed fine. HOWEVER, I can't get it to load any files! I have put some dictation files into a folder which I can select from the "load dictation files" command. I can see the file
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