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  1. I was very happy using version 1.25, although simple it is very efficient and effective. Due to a migration to Vista I needed to install it again. I couldn't find it anymore. Figured I would download it again. So I bought it for the second time. Even with the newest (free) version of which we were informed I still get blue screens of death. So after being frustrated for a while, I searched and searched and re-found my 1.25 version including registration code. This morning I figured: let's try that one again... The installation did not go smoothly, but, you know what? It works!. It does the job. Recap: So I bought a new version (stupid me) that didn't work on Vista (what was I thinking?!) I get a fixed new version for free (didn't need to change the registration code, it still remembered it) I install the fixed new version that apparently didn't fix the problem (blue screens of death and some rebooting) And finally I regressed to version 1.25 which does the job. Shouldn't we all (NCH included) just regress back to 1.25? Can NCH give Bill Gates a call while he's still around?
  2. fonzeroo

    New features

    Hey everyone, I found myself a sort of workaround: When the cursor (almost) reaches the end of the screen hit CTRL and "-", directly followed by CTRL and "+". Although meant for something else, the side effect of these actions is that the cursor will be set to the center of the screen, while the file just keeps on playing (no sound jumping around...). The "-" changes the view (which you probable don't want to happen) but the "+" makes it change back. After this action the view has changed: the cursor is in the middle of the screen. Brilliant if I may say so!
  3. Maybe this can help... Hi, can't really remember what my problem was... I think opening files in WavePad that I recorded (speech) with Nero gave me a codec error. I got tired of looking for a solution, didn't know where to look either. I noticed that I was able to play them with Windows media player, editing was out of the question though. I also had installed a newer version of Nero, that gave me the same error code. Didn't want to roll back, 'cause I wanted to use WavePad (faster, easier, more efficient). So tired as I was I decided to buy SoundTap (I hope I remember the name right, is a family member of WavePad), which is a nifty tool that let's you record anything that makes a sound on your PC (check out the website for more details). So I just played all files at once in the Windows media player, recorded everything with SoundTap (starts a seperate file after a pause automatically I recall), saved and renamed all the created files and could get on with my work where I left off. It makes wav files by the way. Perfect solution for me. And, some extra's: you can record everything on YouTube etc... Good luck! Hope it helps you!
  4. fonzeroo

    New features

    @kproth: that's what I mean. One of the great features of WavePad is that you can do things simultaneously. For instance: while listening you can hit the save button. And, while listening (playing) you can start making your selection. And, while listening you can "cut" (ctrl x). Other wav editors don't let you do this. This saves me many clicks and much time. Unfortunately, while playing you cannot scroll (boo hoo! )
  5. I use 3.05. Go to --> Tools --> Wave Pad Options --> Keys --> Add (pick any key / key combination) and follow through using common sense. In this way I use the x key for "stop", the z key for play, the ctrl - x for cut, the a for amplify (selection) (it will ask for a percentage first) and the s key for silence (selection). Also, after recording my speech from the book i am reading (study) i use the g key for a lot of sequential actions. It filters noise, trims silences, inserts a sound bite at the end, adds 3 seconds of nothing at the end... You have to be a registered user though. So pay first! (By the way can some one working at WavePad's company try to contact me, I have some stuff I would like to suggest for the next version).
  6. fonzeroo

    New features

    The bookmark function is too many clicks and does not tackle my issue. While playing the wav file, the crosshair / cursor always ends up at the right side of the screen eventually, unless you reposition it. Repositioning it uses up time. I only want to reposition the view, not the actual place of the cursor. I just want to be able to look and think ahead to what you cannot see yet, because you are waiting for it to appear on the screen. It is not possible to scroll while playing, without repositioning the cusor. Is it? Situation one: you start playing back a file, the cursor is at the left of the screen. You can see silence, peaks everything that is visible on the screen and can anticipate your next moves / edits. Situation two: after the cursor has reached the right side of the screen, it stays there while playing the file. There is no time to ancicipate or think ahead. Let's say you already know you want to delete a portion of the file (which often is the case), you have to wait for the portion to slide into the screen before you can delete / cut it away. There's no point in listening to the whole sentence if you already know you're going to delete it. If the crosshair could be repositioned to say the middle of the screen I could delete stuff faster, because it already is on the screen. If the cursor / crosshair is at the far right of the screen the stuff to the far left of the screen is irrelevant to me, since I have already cleaned that up. Maybe you can compare my idea to the principle of disk cache-ing. I remember in some spreadsheet programs (a millenium ago) you could use the scroll lock function to change the way the sheet reacted while using the cursor keys. That's not exactly what I am looking for (or is it?), but it'll help you get an idea. In excell for instance, when I press page down only the view changes, not the selected cell. In WavePad this unfortunately doesn't work similarly. You may ask: how can you know that you are going to delete something that is not on the screen yet? Well, because I recorded speech myself some minutes before I start editing and also know what mistakes that I read and want to cut out. Also, if the first word of the sentence I recorded is misspoken I delete the whole sentence. (While reading I correct the mistake immediately by reading the wrong sentence again, correctly.) It is all about reducing lost time and reducing the amount of necessary mouseclicks. A scroll lock function isn't too much to ask I would say? I think it would save me about a minute time for every 10 minutes I read. By the way, thanks for thinking along!
  7. fonzeroo

    New features

    To me WavePad 3.05 is a great program, for which I easily paid for, it's it's money's worth! But... I would like to communicate with the builders / sales department / whoever to be able to tell them what I think is great and what might be improved. Any means of communication is only possible (is it?) by paying for it first (am I right?). I really don't feel I should pay for asking a question about things that will or not will be developped. I would consider paying for new features, not for helping the application improve. I even feel I should recieve money for that! Does anyone know of a way to communicate effectively about possible new features without having to pay for asking. (By the way, I paid for one question, never asked one, and now my time is up. No chance, " buy yourself a new ticket ".) My first improvement suggestion would be: I don't believe it is possible to lock the crosshair in the middle of the screen, or to " page up " or something like that without repositioning the cursor. What I mean is: I would like to be able to move the screenview separately from the cursor. While editing on the fly (I edit speech that I read for myself as a way of studying) the cursor always ends up at the right side of the screen, so I cannot look ahead. This does not work efficiently and costs me a lot of time. So 2 questions: 1 How to communicate about possible improvements and off topic: 2 Is there a way to scroll without screwing up the position where you are editing. (Scroll lock? Page up / page down?)
  8. I can only add the following: I am considering buying a new PC, wondering if Vista will work with Wavepad 3.05, registered version. The site says it does, except I can't find the version that is being referred to. Fortunately I read above that it "generally works" except for some (hopefully) minor bugs. I'll just have to take the risk... To me wavepad means a lot, it is one of the main things I use my PC for. Great program! To my opinion lack of info shouldn't be the bottleneck! If any WavePad employee is reading this: please add some extra info to your site, so all the other happy users can fearlessly upgrade to Vista or sensibly wait.
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