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  1. The latest version of Soundtap is one year old today. It is being treated as a legacy product, fully mature in the development cycle at NCH.


    New users should definitely run the free trial to make sure it works before purchasing. It is the best quality approach to recording broadcasts which also makes for a sensitive setup that may not function in certain conditions. The only way to remove the "buy me" message on the free trial is to purchase the software.


    The next version of Windows will probably whack this product but only time will tell. I like Sound Tap and hope to keep using it for a long time unless something better comes along. I recommend the free trial to anyone looking for an audio recording solution. If it works you have the opportunity to use a great tool.

  2. Kent,


    I am a registered user. I have the same problem and I believe it is possible that most everyone else does as well.


    I have a volume control on my wireless keyboard and the volume indicator on the screen dutifully travels up and done with no effect on the volume whatsoever.


    I have to click and drag the control. I used to have to run the Mixer application to change the volume.


    Before I start SoundTap everything works fine. I can deal with this because this product does a bang up job of recording. I think it is the best solution available bar none.


    My friends think I'm a genius for finding this product. (My wife could care less :blink:)


    On the other hand, if NCH could fix the volume control irritation it would be GREAT.






    This app is just what I need and almost ready to buy it BUT how can I adjust the playback volume.


    Now that my sound is being routed via the soundtap recorder I seem to have lost control over my output volume. The voulume fader is useless.


    I am using this with Skype and I use my speakers so I need to keep their level low to avoid the feedback in the mic. I can turn the wave device volume down but then the recording is also very low and the echo is still present in the recording of the incoming audio.


    Hope someone can help. Thankyou, Andy

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