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  1. I think there needs to be a way to cancel a call transfer? Someone calls up, asks for a collegue, so I click Transfer, dial their number, but if they're not at their desk, I become stuck! You can pick up the original call again, but that leaves the person you were trying to transfer to's phone ringing. Once finished with the original call, you have to switch back to that transfer to hang it up. Reason being the "hang up" button becomes the "transfer" button when initiating a transfer, so there's no way to hang up the transfer! I hope that makes sense...
  2. This release appears to be just a "simple" maintenance release, and yet is a pay-for update? When filling my details in on the site for upgrade pricing, it comes out MORE expensive than if I didn't bother going through the upgrade page! Also, there still appears to be no way to cancel a transfer. I'm about to make a new thread on that, though, as this thread clearly isn't the place for it.
  3. This is driving me mad. Every time Express Talk rings, it sets the system sound output to "Internal Speakers" (I'm running it on a Mac Pro). If I answer the call, the sound output switches back to Line Out, as selected in ET's Options. If I don't answer it and let someone else in the office pick it up, my sound remains on Internal! I cannot figure out how to stop the app doing this, and it's driving me nuts. Any ideas?
  4. I have checked and rechecked, retyped all the settings more than once, and I know for a fact that the port forwarding is correct as it works for my workstation. All I change on the router config is the destination IP of the forwarded ports. Mark: No, we don't use ISA or ICS as we have a proper ADSL router (Draytek Vigor 2600VG). I don't think it's a problem inherent to Windows, again because it works fine on my workstation. If I could, I'd just run Axon on my computer, but it's decidedly underpowered and I need every CPU cycle I can get!
  5. We're new to the VoIP scene, but after moving office we've gone totally VoIP. We've tried a few softphones (SJPhone, X-Lite [aka eyeBeam] and Express Talk), and Express Talk seems to be the best of the bunch. The others were clunky or had issues such as a 5 second delay answering a call - not good! We want to use a virtual PBX to be able to transfer calls between all the office staff (only 6 of us) and to share our 3 SIP "lines". I installed axon on a test machine (my workstation) to try it out and it seemed to work pretty well. I forwarded port 5060 (both TCP and UDP - is that right?) and port range 10000-30000 UDP to my machine and set Axon accordingly. After my tests, we decided to use it live. I installed Axon on our "server" computer (in reality just another WinXP Pro box) and this is where things took a turn for the worse. Axon fails to register to the SIP server, saying that the server did not respond, yet inbound calls arrive. Outbound calls are attempted, work briefly, but die after 10 seconds. The server has no 3rd party firewall installed, and Windows firewall is switched off. It did used to have ZoneAlarm, but I removed that after we had trouble getting VoIP to work in conjunction with it. Has anyone got any ideas what to try? Edit to add this line from the logs: 23:50:32 Server [the SIP server] did not respond to register (sip:[username]@[the SIP server])
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