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  1. Hi all i still need help with testing, its not AXON but i want to test it works with my service. free calls worldwide Mark
  2. Hi email me at mark.tomlinson@the-tech-guy.co.uk UK PSTN Number and some calls out
  3. Hi everyone, Is anyone interested in testing my sip platform? in return there will be some free outbound calls included? mark
  4. any answers on this as yet? i have a similar situation at present. My connection will register with the wholesale VoIP Trunk, however AXON continually wants to re-connect!
  5. tomomark


    Hi, I am also having problems setting up ODBC logging and alike cant find anything in the documentation that explains how to configure it. thanks mark
  6. Hi, IVM is registering with AXON only, which is running on the same computer. I have testing this with another VoIP provider and the problem disapears. For reference, the provider i was using, is VoIPtalk Mark
  7. The computer / server that you are hosting AXON on, does it happen to be sharing the internet connection with the rest of your office? I have noticed that i am unable to route VoIP traffic between the extentions in 192.168.x.x through to the outside world on an XP machine, however, I removed the router and setup AXON on a Win2k3 server running DNS and ISA Server, worked a treat.
  8. I am having the exact same problem with the latest release of AXON and IVM... Call the system from a SIP number / extention, works fine, call the PSTN number and the hold music is that of the VOIP provider mark
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