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  1. Hello, I have installed Axon with IVM .I use 2 FXO adaptor to connect m PSTN line. Can you set and anwering machine with different messages on each incomming FXO call without setting a mailbox on and internal line. Regards, Peter Discart
  2. Hello, I solved the problem. The FXO was not cannecte directly to and outside line but to and line on a analog PBX. When i connect the FXO directly to the line it works. Manny thanks for your reply. Beste regards, Peter
  3. Hello, Manny thanks for your reply, It seemst that the manual i have used was completly differten than the one i followed. Incomming call with CID are working fine now. Only the outgoing call are not functioning. The Axon console give me always the eror : 503 service unavaileble. Best regards, Peter
  4. Hello Folks, I just have tried to configure and SPA3102 FXO adaptor folowing the manual in the pinned toppic. I experience the following issues: On incomming Calls: If i set in the FXO adaptop the option "PSTN CID For VOIP CID" to yes i get the following message in the Axon console "Unable to to find anny line with the ID '701" or extensions with the ID'0498109701' (where 0498109701 is the CID from the calling party). When i set 'PSTN CID For VOIP CID' to no i can recieve incomming calls (withoud CID) On outgoin calls When i create and external line as described in manu
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