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  1. nchto, Thanks for your reply. I typed the same smtp information that I have used for several email clients (Thunderbird, outlook, pine, etc). I have not had any trouble with those email clients, so I don't know why I am having trouble with ExpressDictate. Re firewall/antivirus, I have tried on 3 separate computers, using different anti-virus and firewall settings, with no luck. Any other thoughts? I'm hoping to hear from tech support as well. Best regards, jeff
  2. Greetings, I am trying to send dictation to my secretary using Fastmail's (Aus) smtp server, and no matter what I do, I get the error message "unable to connect to server..." I also tried my university's smpt server with no luck. I have tried user names, passwords, different ports, etc, with no luck. I have tried both using my work computer and my home computer (both use xp pro). Can anyone help? Thanks, Jeff
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