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  1. I am having a horrible time trying to get this to work. I have uploaded the my file created in Express Dictate and when I try to open it from the FTP site with Express scribe I get the error that Express Scribe cannot open DCT files. WHAT? I have the latest versions and cannot figure this out. Any ideas. I am desperate to get this up and running. Fran
  2. I am having some trouble setting up sending dictation to an email. Could someone give me an idea of what I am doing wrong. The error I am getting is: mail host server error. data terminator not accepted. I have gmail as my email address so the problem is not size. I use Comcast as my internet provider. so my question is in setting up the SMTP portion. What exactly goes in the SMTP mail host box? should it be "mail.gmail.com:emailname:password"? I have checked that it requires authentication and put name and password in. Is the default email just the full email address? I cannot figure out where I am going wrong. Thanks for the help! Fran
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