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  1. There are a number of options in the SPA-3000 (it's been a while since I programmed mine) to detect silence and various tones and use that to terminate the call. A lot of class 5 switches will actually open the line for a second when the called party hangs up (to release on hold calls from business systems), I'm not sure if the 3000 has something in there to take advantage of that or not.
  2. By "calling out" do you mean to a VoIP provider that you have set up as an external trunk? You may have a problem with your dialplan or the VoIP trunk you are trying to call out on isn't able to register. The logs should show you if your VoIP trunk can register, in fact the first window that comes up when you start Axon will show you that. If the board isn't able to determine it's public IP , even if it isn't static, find out what it is right now and datafill it as if it was static just to test. that may be preventing your VoIP trunk from registering. You can get a Free World Dialup number for free, it's great for testing before signing up for a "real" VoIP provider (one you have to pay for).
  3. I use Vitelity for outgoing LD only. They allow you to set up sub-accounts, each with it's own name and password. You can go on their site and datafill what number you want sent out for each account. However, on occation a called party will get "Out of Area", it just depends on what gateway the call is passed to the POTS network. I know that in general PBX's that have a PRI link to a class 5 switch choose what number, extension or main, is sent out.
  4. I've been trying a Linksys WIP300 as an extension on the same WiFi LAN as the Axon board. It has the latest firmware. I've discovered that no mater what ports you set in the phone it will only sent out to port 5060 on a call. It registers just fine, if you have the Axon set to listen locally on port 5070 BUT when you make a call it will not complete its' sending to port 5060. Once that port is changed to 5060 in the board then calls do complete successfully. The other issue is that if you place the call from the WIP300 to another local you get uninterrupted ringback tone until the call is answered. I've used the phone on Free World Dialup and a VoIP long distance service and in both those cases ringback tone is interrupted in the normal way.
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