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  1. Just above the key pad on Pocket Talk, I notice what appears to be a digital clock (or is it?). However it doesn't show the correct time - how do you set this to the right time? I can't see any setting for it in Options. The time shown doesn't correspond to the time on my ppc. Also, it doesn't live update on the screen, eg the second don't roll, they just sit stagnant until you press a button or similar. Can this clock be made to run live on the screen?
  2. Turnip - i recently put this on my jasjam & setup the same way for iinet. Works ok but I find the receiver of the call suffers an echo of their own voice - have you experienced this? Know of any fix?
  3. I tried this on my Telstra jasjam (WM5) tonight. During the sound setup, the mic activation showed fine, but the playback did nothing as described by other above. However, I installed the program & made calls. It worked fine for my calls. I'm using iiNet for isp. Telephone calls were made over my home WiFi to my landline in my house. Setup was straightforward - simplest softphone i've used yet. There was a distinct echo on the landline, which was somewhat distracting. Couldn't see any settings that I could change on Pocket Talk might alleviate this.
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