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  1. Hi I make outbound calls thru ivm and when a live call is detected , I transfer that to any available extension.Thats working fine but need one additional thing.When a call is transfered to an extension i need to grab the caller id via a vb.net application so that it can search the database and retrive the name of the person. Can any one help out how to grab that caller id Thanx
  2. Can any one please guide me how to use sqllink plugin to make automated outbound calls from a database.
  3. can build up an auto answer option, like when ever a call is recieved it must be answered without clicking answer button.it should be configurable at runtime ,after how many rings it answers automatically
  4. Can axon be used as sip server to make outgoing sip calls. I got static ip , and i am able to recieve calls from other sip address but cant make any outbound sip calls.I dont want to use external voip gateways , but instead a call should go thru my system
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