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  1. I'm trying to load an M4A file today and all I get is one second of it. I don't know what to do because the person who sent it to me gets the full file of over an hour in her Express Scribe. I've tried converting to mp3, reloading the m4a several times and still the 1 second. It downloads fully in my audio player but that doesn't have a footpedal. I'm at a loss. Help!
  2. I can answer question 3. Up at the top it will say Express Scribe Transcription Software Pro - Licensed software I don't use the other two features. Good luck!
  3. Some of my files sound like they are underwater. I play the same file in another transcription program and they are fine but the other program has no time stamp and has some other disadvantages.
  4. malowi


    How can something in HTML5 be converted to play in ES ?
  5. change password

  6. Thank you, jmerrill1960, this is very timely advice for me. It works!
  7. Express Scribe said format not supported (although it came to me as an MP3) put it through Switch, it converted it but it is mono not stereo. I downloaded some codexes that were supposed to help if Switch said format may not be supported, but it's still mono. Is that something that anybody has experience with?
  8. I tried your suggestion but my Hot Keys are not working. I always use my foot pedal, although in the past i've played around with the Hot Keys. But they will not work any more. Do you use your Hot Keys exclusively or is it a combination of Hot Keys and foot pedal? I could really use that time stamp feature as I have some clients who want that and it can really slow one down.
  9. I habve been downloading WAV files for a long time from various places without a problem and now today I get a message telling me that audio compression codex 8180 is not installed. I went to a free site (FFD show) but could never complete the download, after I declined all their extra offers (not the one for the codec, that I accepted, but their ads for products) it just sort of stopped. I tried that twice. I don't mind paying but I need to know what to get and where to get it.
  10. Hi, malowi

    Please add your email id otherwise how can we contact you

  11. Times New Roman"]Would you please tell me how you make that macro for getting the time stamp from ES into my Word document? I have several jobs where I have to manuall put in the time stamp every so often, this current one needs it every minute, and would find this very helpful! If the ability for doing that is right there evident on ES, I haven't seen it and am sorry to bother you about this. Thank you ---
  12. I had the same problem, it's very maddening. I kept playing around with different things and a window popped up and asked me to describe my problem, i did, and he sent me an email with a link that fixed it. Give it a try, it coudln't hurt. Good luck Nikolay
  13. My sound controls don't work--I can't lower the volume on my es and it's gonna blast my ear drums out. my hot keys don't work either. Does anybody know what's wrong? I have tried deleting and reinstalling es, but that does not help. HELP
  14. It looks like my reply didn't make it up there, but here it is. I was having the same exact problem as you were with .dss files and after converting them with Switch having 0 dictation length--I kept playing around with Switch and ES and then a dialog box popped up that asked me if i wanted to report the problem and so I did, and I got an e-mail with a link to repair the problem, and it worked for me. they sent me the link essetup.zip Re: Bug scribe 4.16 AccessViolation-GUI-Other-Win51Standard Header|Full Message ViewNikolay Semenkov <nik@nchsoftware.com>AddSunday, November 25, 20
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