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  1. I have just discovered that if you right click on the track you want to renumber you can access the facility. I have just tried it, and added 2 disks worth of track and they have ripped in numerical sequnce successfully.
  2. I'm having the same problem. Thought it was because I was using a free download, but since buying the licence still have this problem.
  3. Yesterday I bought the liscenced version of express rip and understood the help files were downloaded at the same time. I have clicked on the 'help' icon and hit f1 to no avail. Anyone any suggestions as I'm having a few problems since paying out for the 'full' program.
  4. I have ripped audio book cd's to mp3 and saved them onto my hard drive. Each story takes several cd's. I download each disk seperately therefore the numbering of tracks on each disk starts at #1 to whatever. Then I have renamed all the tracks on the 2nd and subsequent disks to run consequetively. I have then burned them to a single disk for listening to. Previously, I've had no problem with this, but suddenly when I try to play the new mp3 disk the renumbered tracks are over-ridden with the original numbersing, leaving me with up to ten #1 tracks etc, messing up the playing sequence.
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