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  1. Hi Omo: Try this: FILE -> WAVEPAD OPTIONS On the GENERAL tab, make sure that "Prompt for Sample Rate and Channels" is selected. Click OK to close the window. Now, when you click on the red RECORD button (near the bottom left of the screen) to make a new recording, a little window should open, called NEW FILE. The first field in that window is SAMPLE RATE. It seems to default to 44100, but if you click on the drop-down menu, a list of other choices is available (6000 to 96000). Is this what you want to set? Jerry
  2. Hi leighm: I'll repeat -- I've never used VST effects before, so I'm kind of groping around in the dark -- but here's what happens on my WavePad v2.10: I downloaded the free "Classic Reverb" plugin from here: http://www.kjaerhusaudio.com/classic-reverb.php unzipped it, and put the DLL file in its own folder. Then, I loaded a WAV file into WavePad, selected an area to which I would apply my effect, clicked on EFFECTS -> VST PLUGINS and a little window opened. I browsed to my new VST folder, and "Classic Reverb" showed up in the VST PLUGIN field. Then, I clicked on SETTINGS, and a new window opened showing mostly a big gray box, but I could see a little of the Classic Reverb GUI around the edges. The window's OK and CANCEL buttons were both "grayed out." The remaining window controls were (1) "?" (clicking on it did nothing), (2) "Minimize" (worked OK), (3) "Full Screen" (grayed out) (4) "X" (clicking on it closed the window). The VST Plugin window now was visible again. I clicked OK, and a "thermometer" window opened, showing me "something" was working. When it closed, I saw the selected portion of the waveform get smaller. I listened to the selected portion, but did not hear any reverb. Leighm, I think you've found a bug, and I think we're all just going to have to wait here until one of the official WavePad gurus spots this thread and tells us what we're doing wrong. Regards, Jerry
  3. Hi Omo: Are you talking about the "bitrate" of a new recording (you haven't made yet), or CHANGING the bitrate of an EXISTING recording to something different from what it is now? Jerry
  4. jerry4dos

    File association

    Hi usmar: Hmmm. I'm sitting here trying to duplicate your problem -- but I'm not sure exactly what your problem is. Do you WANT WavePad to open MP3 and WAV files, or DON'T you want WavePad to open the files you double-click on? Jerry
  5. Hi ausetkmt: I, too, have been playing around with the new versions for the last couple of hours. Most of the things on my "bug" list have been fixed -- (1) The "slider" now works perfectly, (2) The "thermometer" window on the AGC effect works fine [and now also shows up when used in BATCH mode]. I've been trying out both the FREE and the TRIAL versions, uninstalling and then reinstalling them with no bugs apparent so far. I also specifically tested the AMPLIFY feature. When you say the "+" and "-" keys don't work -- what do you expect them to do? I can't find any reference to those keys in the HELP file's "Shortcut Keys References." The only big "bug" I can see that still exists, is that I can't start playing (auditioning) big files at any point beyond one-hour-forty-minutes, but I have confirmed that any effects I apply to files bigger than 1:40 are getting properly applied to the whole file. (I've tested files as large as two hours.) For my money ($38 in this case), I'm quite happy -- considering the only other thing I know of that's available on the current market with this many features costs $299. Jerry
  6. Hi leighm: Welcome to the forum. I'm not connected with the WAVEPAD company -- just another "user" -- so if I'm off base here, anyone in authority is welcome to step up and set the record straight. As I understand it, the "trial" version in not "crippled" in any way during the two-week trial period, and anything that doesn't work in the "trial edition" probably won't work if you upgrade to the "paid" version. Now having said that, I must admit I have not messed around with the VST effects -- I don't know what they are supposed to do. But, I can tell you how my version behaves. When I click on EFFECTS -> VST PLUGINS, a little window opens which prompts me for a "DLLs Folder." Are you getting this little window? If you are, tell me what plugin you are trying to use, and where you downloaded it from, and I'll try it on my copy and let you know what happens. Jerry
  7. http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=1585 http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=1556 http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=1509
  8. Hi Anthony: You've hit the nail on the head. AUDACITY is VERY lacking in those wonderful "Control" features that WAVEPAD has for moving around inside your file. It's too bad your raw downloaded files aren't in MP3 format -- a cute little freeware program called MP3DIRECTCUT would work perfectly for you: http://www.mpesch3.de/ In the meantime, I keep hoping (which each new WavePad release) that better large-file-handling will show up someday. Jerry
  9. Hi Genovae: Have you tried AMPLIFY (not NORMALIZE) on the soft file before mixing it in? Some people have reported problems with AMPLIFY in v2.01, but it seems to work fine for me. You might give it a try. Jerry
  10. Hi Anthony: You may be encountering the same problem I posted about in this thread: http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?show...findpost&p=3957 I suspect this will eventually be fixed, but in the meantime, I've been chopping my large files apart with AUDACITY http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ then tweaking the file pieces with WAVEPAD (because AUDACITY doesn't have nearly the manipulating features that WAVEPAD does), then I piece the chunks back together with AUDACITY. Hope this helps. Jerry
  11. Hi Addon: Have you tried re-entering your registration information at FILE -> REGISTER Jerry
  12. I'm no expert, but I can see two ways this might be done: (1) Record a chunk of tone in a separate WAV file. (You can download a TONE GENERATOR for free (click TOOL -> TONE GENERATOR). Then copy-and-paste chunks of it into your program in place of the "sensitive information." (2) Highlight the sensitive information, then (with the free Tone Generator running) press the RECORD button, which will record tone for as long as you want. Let it run for about the length of time your original sensitive information. It won't "exactly" replace the select time length -- if you highlight 5 seconds, and leave the record function "on" for 10 seconds, it will open up the original highlight section from 5 seconds to 10 seconds. There may be other, better ways. I live to learn. In the meantime, I hope this helps. Jerry
  13. jerry4dos

    mp3 size limit

    It SHOULD work with a one-hour file -- even the free version. There ARE some bugs with VERY large files, but I've had no problems with one-hour files. Other thread on large files: http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=1509
  14. Will it "save" into a different (empty) folder, or as a WAV file? Will it save with a short file name (DOS style = 8.3, just to be safe).
  15. This is not a complaint -- it's just that there's a WavePad feature that I don't understand, and I couldn't find any documentaton in the HELP file. At the bottom-left of each file window is a slider. As a cue plays, it starts to move out from the left, but it never gets more than 1/5 of the way across the slider range, even if the cue is played to its end. If I drag the slider 3/4 of the way across, the cursor is placed 3/4 of the way through the cue, but the slider jumps back to the far left. If I click on the slider while it is at the far left, the cursor immediately jumps from where it was to the beginning of the cue. (1) What do the slider's movements indicate? (2) Is there a good use for dragging the slider, other than just positioning the cursor within the entire cue (like I can do by clicking on the small waveform)? Thanks. Jerry EDIT 11/08/05: This anomaly seems to be related to "file size." On files up to 4 minutes duration, the slider behaves in a predictable manner across its whole range. On longer files, the slider jumps back to "zero" after each 4-minute chunk.
  16. More on Large Files: I think I've found the point at which WavePad chokes. I had occasion to work on a two-hour file today. I couldn't "play" any sections where I placed the cursor beyond 1 hour 41 minutes into the program, unless I placed the cursor EARLIER than 1:41 and let it play through uninterrupted. Actual editing and applying effects anywhere seemed to be unaffected by this mystery "wall" -- it's just that I couldn't hear what I was editing. Win2K, Pentium 4@2GHz, 522MB RAM Jerry
  17. Hi Paige: "I think" (and this is really just an educated guess from another user -- I'm not connected to the WavePad Company) that you can download a new WavePad from here: http://www.nch.com.au/wavepad/ and just enter your registration information that you got when you paid for the upgrade version. (Click FILE -> REGISTER MASTER'S EDITION.) Did you save your registration information? If you really need to contact the vendor, you might try his "Contact Page" here: http://www.nch.com.au/general/contact.html Jerry
  18. Hi gregjcase: When I first tested WavePad, this is something that absolutely astounded me. I tested it on several different machines, including a Win95 box with 32MB of RAM. My jaw dropped when it installed and ran perfectly. I loaded a one-hour MP3, and it loaded -- very slowly -- but it loaded and I could manipulate the functions. If it turns out your MP3s really ARE corrupt, you may be able to repair them with this tool: http://www.drtag.de/en/description_mp3rt.htm Good luck. Jerry
  19. Hi Kevin: I don't know too much about BOOKMARKS and REGIONS, but my HELP file works fine, and it says those features only work with the paid UPGRADE edition of WavePad. Now then, if I had the PAID version, AND my help file wouldn't work, I'd be contacting the developer via the CONTACT page on his web site and filing a COMPLAINT. Jerry
  20. Sure -- just load the WAV file into WavePad, then from the FILE menu, select SAVE FILE AS, which will open a new window. At the bottom of the new window, find SAVE AS TYPE -- it will be set to "Wave (*.wav)" -- click on the dropdown arrow to the right, and select "MPEG Layer-3 (*.mp3)" -- then go to the box above and type in a new file name. The first time you use this MP3 option, WavePad will go out to the Internet and fetch the converter it will need to work on your computer. After the first time you use the converter, it won't need to reconnect in the future. Jerry
  21. jerry4dos


    Hi Watco: I'm new here too, but in my messing around with WavePad for the last couple of days, I suspect even the PAY version of WavePad isn't going to give you the ability to work on each track separately. You're probably going to need something like "Cool Edit Pro," which I abandoned because it gave me a headache trying to figure out how to do the simple editing tasks I needed. WavePad was so intuitive for me "out of the box," I made my first edits without evening opening the HELP file. There's another freeware editor you might look at: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ which appears to have separate tracks, but doesn't appear to have some of WavePad's really neat features, like "scrub." (And, it won't work in Win95 like WavePad will.) Jerry
  22. Just making a guess here, but -- WavePad seems to default to saving files in WAV file format. If you start with an MP3 format file, it converts it to WAV to work on it. If you don't SPECIFY to save the worked-on file as MP3, WavePad saves it as a WAV file. If you're using Windows, and have "Show File Extensions" turned off, you may not realize the difference between WAV files and MP3 files. MP3 files are much smaller than WAV files because they are "compressed" files. Jerry
  23. This is NOT a complaint -- I'm becoming very attached to WavePad. I mention this only in case it got overlooked in the development. When I LOAD a file or SAVE a file, a little window appears with a PROGRESS BAR that shows the amount of transfer. When I apply AUTOMATIC GAIN CONTROL to a SELECTION, the little window appears, but nothing ever shows in the progress bar space. The first time I used this feature, after one minute of no apparent activity, I thought WavePad had crashed, so I opened the TASK MANAGER to shut it down. It was there that I saw it was still "working," so I let it continue. It took another full minute to complete its AGC operations. Is there supposed to be some PROGRESS BAR activity during this operation? Jerry
  24. That worked perfectly. I could just KISS you. Please lean in close to your monitor, and . . . Jerry
  25. Hi all: OK -- I'm trying out WAVEPAD on a Win2K machine NOT connected to the Internet. I moved the installer file WPSETUP.EXE on a ZIP disk, and it installed fine. However, now it is trying to "phone home" and download an additional MP3EL, and prompts me to "install it manually." I have moved the MP3ENC.EXE in its folder MP3EL in its folder COMPONENTS, and put the COMPONENTS folder in the NCH SWIFT SOUND folder. WAVEPAD seems to be unaware of the presence of MP3ENC.EXE and still tries to "phone home" and will not save files in MP3 format. What else do I need to do "manually"? Jerry
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