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    RIFF data

    . . . but did it remove the noise and hiss?
  2. Hi Monica: I don't think what you want to do can be done with WAVEPAD (but I could be wrong). Take a look at this thread for some ideas: http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=1644 and -- if anybody has had any luck doing this sort of thing with WAVEPAD, please feel free to jump in here and tell us how to do it. Jerry
  3. Hi Guest: I think that IS the "upgrade price" for previous users. The regular price is $38.00. When I tried it, I got the $34.58 offer too. In the absence of any WAVEPAD offical jumping in here to tell us we're getting the wrong amount, I guess we need to assume an upgrade would cost $34.58. Jerry
  4. Hi NJ: That's a good question! There's a choice on the EFFECTS menu called STEREO PAN with an adjustment for LEFT-CENTER-RIGHT, but there's no description of its (intended) operation in the HELP file. In playing around with it, I cannot get it to do what you want it to do. But, I'm not saying it doesn't work properly -- I'm just saying I can't figure out what it does. Maybe one of the WAVEPAD grownups can help out with this one. Jerry EDIT (20 minutes later; $20 poorer): If you get impatient waiting, I found one that does exactly what you want -- and I didn't even have to consult the help file to figure out how to do it: http://www.acoustic-labs.com/index.html They have a trial version that you can play with, but you can't save any of your changes until you buy it. (It won't work at all on Win95.) Jerry
  5. Hi Ma: According to the WAVEPAD website, your purchase includes any upgrades that come out for THREE MONTHS following your purchase. http://nch.com.au/support/reg.html#HHH If your purchase was more than 3 months ago, you can purchase an upgrade at a discount price: http://nch.com.au/upgrade/index.html Jerry
  6. Hi ateh: Do you mean combine several tracks OVER EACH OTHER (like a multi-track mix down of a song), or you mean JOIN several tracks end-to-end as a single file that will play through them all one-after-the-other? Jerry
  7. jerry4dos


    Hi Lil: Do you mean the SILENCE SELECT REGION option on the EDIT menu? If so, it applies ONLY TO a SELECTED REGION -- if you don't have a region selected, it won't do anything. If yours doesn't work on a "Selected Region," then something is broken on your WAVEPAD installation (my SILENCE works fine). You might try UNINSTALLING your WavePad, and re-installing a newly downloaded version. Jerry
  8. jerry4dos

    Effects settings

    Hi Al: Do you mean "all at once"? Several of the EFFECTS windows have a RESTORE DEFAULTS button you can push, but you'd need to look in each effect window to get to each button. How about UNINSTALLING, then RE-INSTALLING WavePad? I'll bet that would get all your defaults back in one fell swoop. Be sure you've still got your registration information handy, because UNINSTALLING will cause your computer to forget you are a registered user. Note that I am not connected with the WAVEPAD Company -- these are just suggestions from one WAVEPAD user to another. Perhaps one of the WAVEPAD officials will stop by the forum and suggest a better way of restoring all the defaults. Jerry
  9. Hi addon: A "direct-to-MP3" recorder records the audio stream directly in MP3 format (without first recording it as a WAV file, then converting it later to MP3). My favorite MP3 recorder is EASY HI-Q RECORDER (although there are lots of other ones out there) because it is so easy to use. A freeware version (with fewer features) is also available. Download either (or both) here: http://www.roemersoftware.com/ If your streaming downloads require only minimal editing (say maybe chopping off the head and tail of superfluous stuff), maybe this editor will work for you. I use it all the time for simple edits. It edits the MP3 file directly without converting it to a WAV file first: MP3DIRECTCUT (freeware) http://www.mpesch3.de/ If my download needs more help than MP3DIRECTCUT can handle, then I use WAVEPAD, which has lots more features. I also try not to use my computer for other intensive tasks while I'm downloading, because even with a high-speed connection, I sometimes get dropouts in the audio stream I'm recording if my computer gets "busy." Jerry
  10. Hi addon: You shouldn't have any problem with 55-minute WAV files. "I think" WavePad records and edits everything in WAV, and then converts your WAV file to MP3 if you need it in that format. The problem I've found with large (long) files is when the file is over 1-hour-41-minutes -- I can't start and stop the cursor play beyond that mark. However, I've applied "effects" (specifically "amplify," "normalize," and "AGC" to files longer than 1:41, and the effect was properly applied to the whole file without problem. One user reported in this forum that she couldn't RECORD longer than 1 hour, but I've not tried that. If I make a long recording from an Internet Stream, I usually record it using a direct-to-MP3 recorder, which has no time limitations because it doesn't have to "store" a lot a material -- it just converts it on-the-fly and writes it directly to the hard disk. Jerry
  11. Hi Sh: This is going to be hard to diagnose at a distance, because different brands of computers are built differently. I have 3 sockets on mine -- with little pictures instead of labels -- but the pictures lead me to believe one is "line out", one is "line in", and one is "microphone in". It's entirely possible you have only a LINE OUT and a MICROPHONE IN. Sometimes a microphone plug is a little shorter than a LINE IN plug, so (theoretically) a microphone plug will fit into a LINE IN socket and make a proper connection. There are also connecting cords, with male plugs on both ends, made for feeding line-level signals into microphone-only inputs. These special cords have "pads" (sound level attenuators) built into them, so the microphone input does not get overloaded (distorted) by a large incoming signal. I bought my adapter cord at RADIO SHACK. If you have only a MICROPHONE input, then if you plug in a line-level sound source (using a padded connecting cord), the sound will appear at the WAVEPAD input as MICROPHONE. But try all the settings -- the sound should be there somewhere. Sorry I can't offer better advice (without actually looking at the back of your computer case). Jerry
  12. Hi Sh: When you click on the red "record" button, a RECORD CONTROL window opens. In the upper right corner (the box is marked "Recording") are settings for where the sound COMES FROM that you want to record. Leave the TOP choice at "[Default Sound In]", then start your music playing (your cassette or CD). Now push the red "record" button on the RECORD CONTROL window. If you don't see the VU METER registering any sound (in the lower right corner), then go back to the "Recording" box and change the INPUT setting from the pull-down menu until you find one that makes the VU meter show the sound. Other programs (including the WINDOWS RECORDING MIXER) can change these settings, even when WAVEPAD is not running or loaded. Jerry
  13. jerry4dos


    Felipe: What KIND of a file are you trying to load? A *.WAV file? Q: Can you load *.WAV files OK? Are you having trouble with ALL *.MP3 files, or just one? Will your troublesome MP3 file open in MP3DIRECTCUT? http://www.mpesch3.de/ Jerry
  14. Hi Adam: While I have never had WavePad "freeze" on me, I NEVER edit my only file. Make a copy first, then edit the copy just to be safe. Is there any particular PATTERN to what you're doing when WavePad freezes, or are the freezes occurring randomly? Jerry
  15. Hi Raphael: I think everything you want is on your Windows Volume Control panel (right click on the little speaker in the System Tray, and select OPEN VOLUME CONTROLS). Close the fader marked WAVE (which will be the output from WAVEPAD while it's recording), and then adjust the CD PLAYER fader for your recorded "teacher" and adjust the MICROPHONE fader for your own voice. Even if I forget to close the WAVE playback fader while recording, WAVEPAD seems to "mute" its own output while recording. Is this what you want to listen to while you're recording? I'm using v2.10. Jerry
  16. Hi again Leigh: This is a known bug. See the reply from NCHCraig in your earlier thread: http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=1597 Jerry
  17. jerry4dos


    Hi easymoney: Where is the music coming from, and how are you hearing it while you are singing? Jerry
  18. Sure! Take a look at the HELP file under BATCH CONVERTER for instructions. If you still have trouble, post back here and describe where you got stuck. Jerry
  19. Hi pscraja: The little skinny waveform at the top always shows the whole file and your position in it. By clicking there, you can quickly move from one place to another with the whole file. The big waveform at the bottom can be zoomed to show just a small portion of your file, so if you are zoomed in, you may not even see the spot you want to jump to, if you want to make a big jump forward or back. Use the little skinny waveform for these big jumps. The big waveform on the bottom is controlled by three little buttons in the lower right corner of the file window. The "+/-" shows your file as a single wave. The next "L/R" button shows the file as a single stereo wave, with the upper peaks being "left", and the lower peaks being "right". The next "L/R" button shows two waves -- a separate "left" and "right" wave. As for your problem with ACTDEC.EXE, I don't know what suggestion to offer -- I've never used that feature myself as I've only used WAV and MP3 files. Sorry. Welcome to the users forum. Jerry
  20. jerry4dos

    No sound

    Hi mtngem: This are tricky questions -- and hard to answer at arm's length -- and I don't "understand" all I know about "WavePad" [and other sound-card recorders] yet (if you know what I mean). Most of these devices seem to be geared toward "recording anything you can hear through your sound card." I have two computers on which these things work perfectly, and a third computer that I can't get ANYTHING to record "what I hear through the speakers." Here's some stuff to check: Start WAVEPAD, click on FILE -> WAVEPAD OPTIONS -> GENERAL Make sure "Prompt for Sample Rate and Channels" is selected. Click OK to close the window. Now, play something through your sound card (that you can hear). Click on the red WAVEPAD "record" button. A little window will open where you can select Mono or Stereo. Pick one, and click OK. The little window closes. A new window called RECORD CONTROL opens. The layout of this window changed between v2.0 and v2.10. I'm going to describe v2.10, but you shouldn't have any trouble finding the matching controls in v2.0. Click on ADVANCED RECORD OPTIONS, a little window opens. UNchecked everything, and click OK. The little window closes. Click on the red "record" button in the lower left corner of this little RECORD CONTROL window, and you should see the recording timer in the lower right corner start running. The VU meter is under it. If you're actually recording what you're hearing through your speakers, you should see activity on the VU meters. If you don't see any VU activity, start checking the settings in the upper right corner of the RECORD CONTROL window in the box labeled RECORDING. Mine works (on 2 of the 3 machines) with DEVICE=DEFAULT SOUND IN, and INPUT=WINDOWS RECORD MIXER. If don't "see" any sound, try other combinations. Another place your audio signal could be getting interrupted is if you ARE using the WINDOWS RECORD MIXER. If you are, instead of a SLIDER next to "Volume", you'll see a big button labeled OPEN WINDOWS RECORD MIXER. Click it. A new window opens on top. The WINDOWS RECORD MIXER is going to have volume controls for the different devices on your computer. My has "CD Player", "Microphone", "Line In", and "Wave Out Mix". "Wave Out Mix" is my sound card. If the volume control isn't "up" and if the SELECT box at the bottom of the slider isn't checked, NO SOUND gets through to WAVEPAD. Maybe one of these several controls has gotten switched on your system. Other programs may also use your sound-card and Windows Record Mixer, and may have changed the settings. Good luck. Jerry EDIT (11/19/05): I just came across an interesting page on these "Sound-Card into Recorder" problems. Maybe this will help. http://www.delback.co.uk/pcaudiofaq.htm
  21. Hi Greg: Here's the link to the MP3 repair utility again: http://www.drtag.de/en/description_mp3rt.htm Also, you might try opening your large MP3 in MP3DIRECTCUT, then re-saving it as a new file with a different name. Might be worth a try. http://www.mpesch3.de/ BTW, there are known issues of WavePad handling files longer than one-hour. There are several posts in this forum about that problem, with some tips for working around it. Jerry
  22. Hi Jeff: I don't have any answers -- but if this were happening to me, I would: Take one of my files (BTW, what kind of files? WAV, MP3?) to a friend's computer and play it through HIS sound card. Does it sound OK with Windows Media Player? If it does, see if your friend will let you load a free-trial version of WAVEPAD on his computer, and see if you hear/see your "fading" symptoms there. (WAVEPAD can easily be removed from the INSTALL/REMOVE PROGRAMS window in START -> SETTINGS -> CONTROL PANEL, if your friend doesn't want to keep the trial version around and play with it himself. I've had no trouble with the WAVEPAD uninstaller at all.) If you DON'T hear the fading portions in WMP, but DO hear them in WAVEPAD, then you might try another free editor program called AUDACITY -- not as many bells and whistles as WAVEPAD, but it would be a good test to see if the same problem occurs there. http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ If the problem appears with ALL the programs on your friends computer, I think your files are (permanently) recorded that way (probably from the initial stream through your sound card). You might be able to fix up the fading with some AGC (Automatic Gain Control), but if it's music, that's probably going to wreck the dynamic range. If all the evidence points to your sound card, you might be able to confirm it by having your friend make a recording on his computer at the same time you record the same program on your computer, and then compare the two files. If your friend doesn't have a good easy-to-use sound-card-recorder, I recommend FREE HI-Q RECORDER. It installs (and uninstalls) easily, and is really easy to use. It's a crippled version of the shareware EASY HI-Q RECORDER. The download is here: (Scroll down for the FREE version.) http://www.roemersoftware.com/ Good luck. Jerry
  23. jerry4dos

    qcp to wav or mp3?

    Hi a4x4cj5: I've never used it, but the WAVEPAD Company makes a format converter called SWITCH. I don't know if it will deal with QCP format, but you can download a free trial version and try it. http://www.nch.com.au/switch/ A GOOGLE search also turned up this page: http://shop.presskits.tk/help.php Which links to here: ftp://ftp.eudora.com/eudora/purevoice/windows/PureWin132.exe but I can't endorse either of those last two. Good luck. Jerry
  24. Hi Omo: After you make your recording, FILE -> SAVE (or SAVE AS) a window opens prompting for a file name and a location where you want to save the file. It defaults to WAV files. When you click the SAVE button, another little window opens with choices for FORMAT and ATTRIBUTES. The default attribute seems to be 8.000kHz, 8 Bit, Mono 7 kb/sec but the drop-down menu offers several other choices. Is this what you're looking for? Jerry
  25. Hi Nikki: What a good idea! (Why didn't I think of that?) That beats chopping up the file using a different program (as I recommended earlier). Knowing that the limitation (in my case) seems to be about 1-hour-40-minutes, I can chop the file into two (or more) parts -- and I don't need to "hear" the file at that point anyway. Thanks for the tip. Jerry
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