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  1. Thanks for the advices guys. But now the problems is the other way around. I can now phone IN on my server and answer calls but I can't call out and make calls. Then I get the "Request pending" or "time out" error. I have no firewall. The windows firewall on my server is off but I do have a netword bridge on two network cards. The one that connects my gameingcomputer with the server and the one wich connect with my voip router.
  2. I have set up an Axon server on my Win2k3 server to see if I should buy some of the other software but I can't get the incoming calls to work. I have installed Express Talk to try it before I try Axon on my voip router and phone. When I now try to call out from Express talk it work just fine. It connects through the Axon server and are ringing on SIP 101@myserver. But when im trying to call in I just get three repeating beeps and no ringing tone. Anyone who can help me figure out what's wrong? I can call out from the computer but not recieve incoming calls so I really don't get it..
  3. thanks for the reply. I just checked out the cheapest IVM. It has 1 line, 1 OGM, 1 mailbox and NO outbound calls. What does the outbound calls mean? Is it something that makes the IVM able to call out? Can't see why that would be needed at home. And yeah, what's a OGM?
  4. Okej, so Axon (PBX software) is totally free? The download from the official site is no trial or has any removed features right? I also wonder about the IVM Answering Attendant. Apparently it can be downloaded from their site but I wonder the same thing here. Is that a trial download with some time limit or can I download it and run it for 1 year? Are any features removed?
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