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  1. Hi. Just found your post - I am considering switching to True Voip - can you tell me if it is complicated to get set up? Any other info would be wonderful. You can email me directly at: Ctype1@hotmail.com Thanks so much, Cathy Dalzell
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    HELP! I just got a copy of Dragon 9 preferred and I want to take the files from Express Scribe into Dragon - how do I do that????? Do I have to convert them. Does it matter whether the doc is dialing in or using a handheld and if so, does it matter which one. Thanks, Cathy
  3. Is it possible to put Express Scribe onto a Blackberry or Palm? I need to have the capabilities of checking work when I am not in my office? Anyone currently doing this?
  4. Hi. I have a client that is looking to track their dictations. Can Express Dictate do that. Supposedly there is a systemthey are working with now that will color code things when they are received, in progress and then completed. Thanks.
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