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    axon and italk in NZ

    I believe the calling plan is correct. Watching the log shows things are the way i expect. It is accepting inbound sort of ok so correct authentication seems to be in place. Tried different codecs but of course with express talk there is no way to change it if using that for a "temp" phone for testing John
  2. Has anyone got axon working with italk (voip service provider in NZ) I have multiple pap2t boxes working perfectly with italk. Both akl and hlz servers. I can also get pap2t boxes going ok as extensions to Axon. However i can not get Axon to send calls to italk. Seems to accept inbound calls from italk OK but have not fully tested that. When sending a call from pap2t via axon to italk i get a "488 not acceptable here" error code even tho the same box connects ok to italk directly.
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