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Broadwave and Winamp


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Hi there,


I'm new to this forum, so please bear with me!


I'm experimenting with Broadwave, and have set it up to stream from my line input. I'm then using a different PC on my local network to listen to the stream.


I can listen perfectly well using Windows Media Player, but if I try to use Winamp, an error message flashes up but disappears before I can read it, and there's no stream.


This is the same regardless of whether I'm streaming a live input of a saved mp3 file.


I can use both Winamp & WMP to listen to a stream from a Barix InStreamer (a physical device which performs a similar function to Broadwave), and that works great.


It's just that I want to use Winamp to listen to the Broadwave stream. The Winamp version is 5.531


Any suggestions?





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