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G.711 mu-law

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jimpuls    0

I'm new to WavePad, but it looks really nice. I need to produce some audio for a telephone system. The spec is: G.711 audio file (.au) format with 8-bit, mu-law, and 8KHz encoding.


.au files from WavePad don't seem to work straight off. I can fix them up by renaming the file from .au to .wav, open it with MS Sound Recorder, then save as and change the output to CCITT u-law, then rename from .wav to .au. I'd like to avoid this.


I wonder if WavePad is producing a-law output? It looks like Switch can do a-law and mu-law. Is there a setting in WavePad for this? Or am I doing something else wrong?


Thanks for your advice!


Jim Puls

Sentinel Technologies

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nchtj    0

if you want to save to a-law and mu-law, you should save your files in wavepad as .wav files (file -> save as). After that a window will appear asking you to specify what codec you want to use. Select either alaw or mulaw.

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