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voice modem or phone router?

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I have Axon PBX and IVM installed, but I do not have a voice modem. My PC is behind a router (linksys), which does not allow to setup rtp/udp port forwarding.

I want my clients to access my pre-recorded voicefiles via dialup connection, not live chat, so I do not know, what exactlly do I need - to buy a voice modem or phone router and do I need softphone (even if I will not be engaged into live-chat)??

Obviously, I am pretty new at all of this, so any help would be appreciated.

Thanks and have a nice day!



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First things first


Axon: is used for routing and managing calls on your phone system. For instance you can have multiple extensions connected to Axon and have incoming calls ring a certain number of extensions. Meanwhile each extension can call each other, or make an outbound call while other calls are already in progress. You can also control the outbound dial plan which essentially determines what line to use and how to dial the number based on what the person dialled.


IVM: The basic use of this software is as an answering machine for VoIP calls, Voice Modem calls, or calls from Axon. It's other main use is as an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) application. It will allow you to create OGMs (out going messages) with menus (e.g. Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Customer Service), as well as data input, and the ability to interface and process information using plug-ins (e.g. to accept credit card payments over the phone, or read back the weather forecast for the caller's area).


Softphone (Express Talk): Used just like a normal phone accept the line is connected to a VoIP server (or software like Axon) which allows you to make calls over your network or Internet connection. You can also use an IP phone in place of a softphone. IP phones look, feel and act just like a classic PSTN phone, but communicate over your network like a softphone. Last but not least, you can get an ATA adaptor which will convert your normal PSTN phone into a fully functional IP phone.


I want my clients to access my pre-recorded voicefiles via dialup connection
I'm not exactly sure what you mean, could you provide more information on what you're trying to accomplish? Streaming voice over dial-up is not recommended since there is very limited bandwidth available.

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