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USRobotics 56K PCI Faxmodem


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I just bought a USRobotics USR5699B modem and the IVM Answering Attendant doesn't even see it. When you click Settings, Telephony, Add it is not listed. I have called tech support for USR and they say the modem is working fine and should have no issues. I have updated the drivers. I am still testing the IVM, which isn't going so well, so they won't even help. :rolleyes:


I also tried a Conexant RD01-D850 modem and it wouldn't work either. I also updated these drivers to make sure we were good to go. No luck.


Why would I want to purchase a $198.20 program if it won't even work? I have downloaded hundreds of test downloads and none of them has ever refused tech support. How is that going to help you sell your product? "...Let's see, while there still deciding let's tick 'em off by telling them nothing about the product..." <_<


Let me know if you find out if the USRobotics will work....I would love to know. I would even buy another modem if they will just tell me the best one on the market right now to purchase.



Wendy Merritt :P



no one knows answer to this?
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Wendy, you can't just use and old data/fax modem with IVM. Because IVM is used for voice telephony applications and not just data streams, there are some specific requirements for the hardware.


These requirements are:


1) The modem is TAPI compliant

2) The modem has a Voice feature, often labelled as "voice modem"


They tend to sell for around $30 (compared to a regular data/fax modem which sells for $5 - $15)


Any modem which does not meet those requirements either won't show up in IVM's device list, or will simply fail to work properly with the software. Please check with the manufacturer to make sure these features are supported before purchasing the modem.


Also, this page on NCH's website will help you determine the compatibility your modem (or one you plan to buy): http://nch.com.au/ivm/modems.html

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