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Pedable/Foot Pedal - Express Scribe - Media Player

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Does anybody else have the same problem as this: I have downloaded Pedable twice now and have uninstalled it again because each time I have had the same issues. I set up Pedable with the global keys for use with Windows Media Player i.e. Ctrl P = Play & Pause, Ctrl + Shift + B = Rewind and that all works and perfectly when using Pedable with Foot Pedal to transcribe through Media Player into Microsoft Word Document. However when I go to using Express Scribe then with the foot pedal, again through Microsoft Word, as soon as I press Play on the foot pedal Microsoft Word locks i.e. mouse locks completely with no reaction and I can't type either. At this stage the only programmes I have open are Express Scribe and Microsoft Word. So when I uninstall Pedable everything works perfectly. Is there something here I am missing while setting up Pedable?


Pedable is great for transcribing video through Media Player, well done to the developers on this one, but I think it can be improved on a bit more.


Anybody got any suggestions?



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