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Please help - Eyeline doesn't connect to any video devices

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I'm running a Radeon X1600 (PCIe-x4, 256MB, it identifies as an ATI RV530XT internally) with WDM drivers to capture/monitor an analogue security camera on the ATI T200 input. I also use a DV deck for my business (video transfer/repair etc). Both these devices work perfectly with all other video software, but currently I use Eyecopia 2.0 on the ATI device exclusively, and I capture using various other software as appropriate over the Firewire port.


Eyeline correctly identifies both video in devices (DV camera via OHCI Firewire, and the ATI device), so both show up in the dropdown box, but when I try to add a "camera", it always fails with "Unable to start device: ATI T200 AVStream analog capture" (if I try to connect to the ATI device) or "Unable to start device: Microsoft DV Camera and VCR". (Actually, just verifying to get the exact text, for the first time in an hour or more, Eyeline finally managed to connect to the DV camera, and I can't reproduce the error any more. Grrrr.) So we're down to the critical camera only experiencing problems (damn that Murphy)...


The system is running Windows XP Professional x64 edition, build 3790 SP2 + all hotfixes. The video (WDM) driver is 6.14.0010.6734 . I've stopped (unloaded) all software that could possibly be using either of the input devices mentioned. And if I start Eyecopia, it detects and uses the same camera/video input perfectly, so I'm fairly sure the hardware/software is mostly OK.


Initially, both Eyeline and Debut complained about missing codecs, but I can't duplicate that error either, even after uninstalling and reinstalling both bits of software, so I'm not quite sure what's going on with the codec checking.


Rebooting is NOT an option unless there's a cast-iron guarantee of fixing any issues, as this is an always-on system and it's running very long-term background data processing that can't be stopped at this time. So if anyone has any suggestions on how to identify what codecs are installed, and what codecs are missing (assuming it's just a codec problem), I'll be happy to help out. I have GSpot installed, and it doesn't seem to identify any problem codecs with the exception of the "Subtitle VMR Filter".

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