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Soundtap does not always record Skype

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I purchased Soundtap to record telephone conversations using Skype.


I installed and following the directions with only limited success. Every time you start up Soundtap it configures the default sound device to be Soundtap. When Soundtap is the default sound device the volume is so low that you can't use it to talk on the Skype phone. When you do get the volume to be adequate, 90% of the time it does not record the conversation even though it displays the message that recording is on.


I have been though the commonly ask questions and have found no resolution.


I'm using Windows XP, Skype, and NCD Soundtap v1.25.


Has anyone successfully recorded Skype conversations using Soundtap? (NCD sure advertises that it does)

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I havent either. Recording is set on but it wont recognice streaming sound from Skype. Messenger neither. It only success recording voices for few seconds. Soundtap is yet to come solution for this problem.

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Try on SkypeCallRecorder it's well working for me.


ps cause one is free you have nothing to buy actually)

hi !!

I found new program to record audio and video conversations: SkypeCap. I tried it-- it works pretty good! All files in nice quality! Now i record just everything from my skype. here a link there are records for windows and mac!


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