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Looking for video editing similar to wavepad

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Cloudchaser    0

Hi! :-)


I'm not sure if this should go here or in "Other Programs," so if the mods feel it should go there, please go right ahead, I won't mind.


I have used wavepad for some time and am quite happy with it. Does anyone know of a freeware/shareware video editor that views video files, mpg, avi, etc., in much the same way as Wavepad views audio files? Asking because I sometimes come across videos which have parts that I don't care for and parts I'd really like to save. With such a program, I could cut out the parts of a video that I don't care for, thereby saving viewing time as well as storage space.


Take care 'n' thanx in advance :-)



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Delta    0

I would also be interested in a basic editing product like WavePad for Video. I guess it would be a "VideoPad" that would handle a few major video file types and enable the basic video editing functions of cut, copy, paste, delete selection, insert file, that sort of thing. Could be a good bundle to go with WavePad...?

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