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Switch Plus 1.05 will not convert to/save as .mp3

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I downloaded and installed Switch (Plus) 1.05 and although it says it's converting a file to .mp3 it goes really fast and does not creat a .mp3 file. I'm using a .wav file as a source and can convert it into .acc, .vox, back into .wav BUT not into .mp3. Also I can't even select to convert into .wma as it is not listed as a selection although it is listed as supported on the site. I would like to use/buy this program but if it will not creat usable .mp3 files (or at least .wma) it is of no use to me. Please help.


Since I posted this, I downloaded the switch.zip file instead of the switchsetup.exe file I downloaded and installed the first time. By the way in Windows Download button on the main Switch page downloads the Plus version not the free version. Both the Windows Download and the Windows Plus Trial buttons downloads the same file! Switchsetup.exe is the Plus version, switch.zip is the free version.


I have found that the free version will convert and save to .mp3 if i don't set the conversion rate higher than 128kbs. One Problem solved. However, I still have no option to convert to .wma.


Any ideas?

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I'd definitely advise to use the Free version over the Plus Trial if you can't purchase Plus for the extended time you can use it.

What happens if you select to a bitrate over 128 in Switch Free?


With your WMA problem... Switch supports conversion from WMA files using DirectX but doesn't encode to WMA so converting to Mp3 is probably the best option here and especially a better choice when it comes to compatibility.

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