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I am a new user of VideoPad.  I purchased the software to make videos for my You Tube channel.  I assumed that I had the right to use the music clips from the provided library.  Every time I upload a video to You Tube, I get a message that the video contains copyrighted material.  Here is the copyrighted material notice:

AdRev for a 3rd Party

On behalf of: Rebekah M. Music, ASCAP (ACM Records)
Since I paid for the software with the understanding that the provided music and other add-ons for videos are royalty-free, how can this be corrected?  I cannot monetize my videos if this persists, and I would like to use the music provided.
Thank you for any help.
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If no response to the form from NCH within a reasonable time, check back in here.

 An NCH representative recently posted this... "We've licensed the sound library, and you're permitted to use the clips in YouTube videos."

Purchase of the Masters (Pro) edition should enable that.

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Same problem here. I uploaded two videos to Youtube with music from Videopad library. Now Shaina Z. Music and Rebekah M. Music are collecting money with my videos. I started a support request with NCH 40 days ago. No resolution yet. Every Videopad user should be alerted about this. There's no such thing as a "free music library".

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You need to tell people Not to use any of your "Stock-Sound" files in your Original Content on YouTube because NCH software can run ads and make money off of your "Original Content".  Im not allowed to run ads nor would I on my 1 minute video. No one is going to watch a 30 second ad just to watch a 60 sec video so your ad wont pay off anyway and can only do harm to my YouTube channel. Apparently your "Copywrite Free" Stock Sound is NOT copywrite free and you should at least warn your customers of this.  I have NOT allowed you to make money off of MY Original Content which by default when published gives me a simple copywrite and NOT you.

WOW, Sandra got No resolution and by now has probably been kicked off of YouTube.

How many others are there?  Hundreds or Thousands of people being HARMED by NCH.  Why would they resolve it,  theyve already got youre money

and are now making Ad revenue on youre "Original Content"

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Likely not an NCH issue.  They have licensed the content and don't make money off user videos.

May be caused by YouTube bad actors.  Share the titles that gave problems and someone will check them out.

Seek resolution...   http://SUPPORT.GOOGLE.COM/youtube/answer/2797454?hl=en

Make reference to... https://nchsoftware.blogspot.com/2013/07/royalty-free-music-library.html

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