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Could you please help me.

Today I processed a payment of $10,000 and then printed a statement for a client and it looks like it has not updated to deduct.  

For example

total showing before deducting $10,000 (statement outstanding $34,036.21)

deducting $10,000 (statement outstanding $34,036.21)

why wont it update.

I've checked open invoice for the client and when I highlight the unpaid invoice it indicates $24,036.21)


Please help

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Make sure you have the correct time period set then you can try recalculating the customer balance, if that does not work. I would suggest you contact NCH Technical support and see if they can assist you with this, you will probably need to send them a backup of your data for them to be able to assist.

You can create a support ticket for them on the link https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html 

Good luck!

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