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Deleting C(ontrol) C(hange) messages

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Within this nice program MixPad I open the Midi Editor with the Create Midi button. Then I load a midi file test.mid, filled with some notes.

These notes are played and recorded on a keyboard with  a noisy volume pedal. The last caused unwanted midi messages like CC 183 ch7 at random tick positions.

Pressing the Events List button in the Midi editor of MixPad make them visible, like:

Index     Postion (Ticks)     Lenghth (Ticks)     Channel      Type     Value

4            5000                       3000                              1            Note     51

5            7036                                                              7            CC        183

6           8900                       5000                               1            Note    57


When I click on a line of a note in this Events list and press the delete button I can remove this note.

When I click on a line of a CC  in this Events list and press the delete button I can not remove this note.

Pressing View-Effect Panel then I can select Module, Pitch and Expression but no Control Change (CC).

Pressing View-Velocity Panel then there seems to be no panel, although I had expected there to find this CC and possibly delete them.

How can I delete all the unwanted midi messages CC 183 from this Event list?

Thank you in advance for your help.


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