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mike F

Punch and Roll

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in many other DAWs when recording and a mistake is made one can initially establish an automatic pre roll, say of 5 seconds,  that automatically starts playing 5 secs before the mistake, enabling  one to listen to the five seconds before the mistake and the DAW autmatically goes into recording mode at that point.

This enables one to listen to the end of the previous recording so one can "seamlessly" in terms of tone  record again at the exact point,  cancelling out the mistake. this also means much faster editing.


Mike Fraser

PS I use wavepad because it is the easiest and quickest of editors, which makes up for a lack of speed of rendering and additional technology. I then take my edited file (audiobooks BTW) into the more sophisticated software. This pre-roll would really make WAVEPAD worth using for more voice artists narrators.

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