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Raymond Onderwater

More then 16000 pics converting, whats going wrong

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I buy your product of Pixillion, but I have a problem, question.

I'm a planespotters and have more then 16000 pictures which I will resize to a USB stick.

But when i resize them all, after finish of three days, mine folder structure is not good. 


- Letter E is the main map,

- Map E has 29 submaps,

- One of the submaps are complete by the planes of El Al.

- Map of EL Al had also 16 submaps

- In your programme I will convert this complete map by clicking "ADD FOLDER"

- When I look at the USB stick he put all the files not in submaps but as single files on the stick. 

- After looking on the USB Stick I see that  the complete E map is not copy to the folder structure, some maps are working well

See pictures in attachment



As you can see the complete folder structure is gone !





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Hello, thank you for this answer.

Okay thats works fine, there is ONE BUT haha

Before I start converting the 16000 pics, please advise me for the right base folder map.

First I do: 

- Add folder "all the pics comes from mine NAS", so complete loading is a long time

- Output folder is now D:\\Vliegtuigen (D is the USB stick)

- After loading all the pics I check "copy folder structure of source files" and then convert

But then comes a message about the base folder, please advise me about this, I dont want have 16000 extra pics on mine laptop, USB Stick or NAS

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If you look at the Pixillion program at the bottom right next to the ¨Convert¨ button on the left you have 2 boxes you can check one of them is the ¨Copy Folder Structure of Source Files¨ you must have that option check before converting.

Good luck!

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So it is asking you to choose the folder in which the files you added to Switch are located in, so just click on ¨Browse¨ and the file explorer should open, just locate the folder that has the files you added to switch and click on ¨Select Folder¨.

Good luck!

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