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Adding still images to existing vpj-project

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Have the following vpj.-project:

1 Video (track 1) with still images

2 Narration (recordings) for most of the images (all audio file are grouped with corresponding images)

3 Background music for the entire project (track is locked )


Want to add new images in the middle of the project ('insert at position of cursor') without disturbing the remainder of the project (downstream).

Have tried to insert an image on track 1 but it does not push the remainder onward

Sounds to you as a simple question.

Is grouping a problem?

Thanks in advance


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Grouping doesn't appear to be the issue.

Leave all audio unlocked, make your insert, then right-click in any audio track gaps and CLOSE GAP.

If the insert overlays (new track) when using a right-click|PLACE ON SEQUENCE AT CURSOR, instead drag the clip from the bin to the video track.  When the arrows line up with the desired clip joint, let go of the mouse button.

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The background audio on Track 2 is the problem. Without it things should work as you expect and images and audio should move up if an image is inserted.......as here.....

  • Track 1 with images and unrelated, unlinked audio below (Could be narration but in this case it is short music clips each the same duration as the image. It may be that your narration is NOT associated with a single clip and may extend over several clips...or it may be shorter than the specific image it applies to.  That might cause additional problems.....Anyway....
  • aa.jpg
  • Assuming you want to insert a new image between existing images, use the >II button below the Sequence Preview window to step the red cursor line to a join where you wish to insert the new image....
  • bb.jpg
  • Now right click on the new image in the bin and select to Place on Sequence at Cursor.
  • The new clip will be placed at the point indicated and all the images to the right as well as their unlinked/independent audio will be moved up.....



Now..If you have a second Audio track   do not lock it. If you do then VP will not split/insert and move the track up it will place the new image at the cursor position but on the overlay track....

So here is the same scenario with a further audio track containing background music.... Do not Lock this track.


So with Audio track 2 unlocked, jump the red cursor line the insert point and select to place the new clip on the Sequence at the Cursor. The image will insert and move ALL the other tracks up leaving a gap..but also a gap in your background Audio Track 2......


Now right click the gap in Audio track 2 and select to Close the gap in Track...


The gap in the track is now closed and your new image is now inserted and the background audio is complete once more. Of course relative to all the later images, (which retain their narration) the background audio on Track 2 has effectively moved left by the duration of the inserted image(s).



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A report has been filed outlining the 'overlay' issue Nat refers to above, if track two has been locked ... and even subsequently unlocked.

To overcome this with audio unlocked, drag the insert clip from the bin to the desired joint on the sequence.  When the arrows appear, drop it.  Then close the audio track gaps.

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