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Auto play : auto crossfade time (transition) not working ?

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I'm testing the Zulu software (v. 4.13).

I've got one question about the "auto play".

When using this function, Zulu doesn't "mix" the audio files. It only waits the very end of the song, and then launch the next one. Without any "mix", without any smooth transition between the two songs.

In the options (General -> Crossfader), I can read "Auto Crossfade time in seconds : 8". Is this option really working ?

Thank you, kind regards,


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I also am having trouble with the same issue. Hoping for help fast.  I switched to a new Windows 10 PC and was using DJ Twist and Burn on my old laptops which worked great. Trying to learn new software, plus having trouble like this stinks.

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