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how do you supress an unwanted sound in the audio file

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I was recording a panning shot for a video clip. when a dog barked (UGH)... It happened while no audio was being recorded..  just need to suppress it. I do not want to cut it out and have the video jump

Also are there any books about video pad.  I have seen some of the videos, bur nothing  replaces a book I can mark and reference later

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Unaware of books, but this PDF  may help.  Click the 'hamburger' menu at the top-right and Find In Page.

As for the barking... during the rest of the pan there's undoubtedly background noise (room tone).

First, save the project.

Right-click on the audio track and UNLINK FROM VIDEO.  Now Lock the video track, using the lock icon at the left.  If it's missing, right-click and LOCK TRACK.

Position the scrubber (red line) at the start of the bark.  Then click the chevron to the right of the SPLIT button and click on AUDIO TRACKS|SPLIT AUDIO TRACK 1.  Do the same for the end of the bark.  You have now isolated the bark as a clip. To make it easy, shoot for an even number for this newly defined clip, such as three seconds,  make note of it.  Hovering the mouse pointer over the clip displays a pop up that lists the length.

Now delete the bark clip by selecting it and pressing the <del> key, which will leave a gap. 

In another area of the pan, when the dog wasn't barking, use the same procedure to split out a segment that is slightly longer than the deleted dog bark clip.

Select (highlight) this clip, and press <ctrl-C> to copy it.  Or right-click|COPY.

Using the ||< and > || buttons under the preview window, move the scrubber to the leading edge of the gap where the dog bark was.

Right-click in the gap area and PASTE (overwrite).

That should fill the gap with the clip that was copied,  substituting room tone for the bark.

If you make a mistake, press <ctrl-Z> to go back, step-by-step.

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In pictures.........

Here a section of a timeline with an unwanted sound ; in this case wind noise....aa.jpg

To the left of the noise is a section containing the ambient background sound. The noise will need to be taken out and replaced by the ambient sound.....


  • Step one is to UNLINK the audio from the video track. Right click the Audio track and select Unlink from Audio
  • Move red cursor line to Start of the unwanted sound and Split the Audio Track
  • Move the red cursor line to the End of the unwanted section and Split the Audio Track again. You have now isolated the unwanted sound.
  • Grab the unwanted section and drag it vertically down to Audio Track 2...
  • ccc.jpg
  • Now drag it to the left so it lines up with the replacement section. It will jump into place when it reaches the join when a white dotted line will momentarily  appear..Now release it there....
  • dd.jpg
  • Click the II<  tab under the Sequence preview screen to step the red cursor line left until it lines up with the start of the newly placed unwanted section......
  • ee.jpg
  • Now Split the Audio Track again. This will cut off a section of background sound the same length as the unwanted bit. In effect you are using the unwanted bit as a template..
  • ff.jpg
  • Right click the section you have created from the background sound and select Copy
  • Click the >II tab under the sequence preview screen to step the red cursor line to the end of the background sound section.(Which, of course the start of the gap that was created when you removed the unwanted sound.)
  • gg.jpg
  • Right click the separated background sound section and select Paste (Insert). The copied section of soundtrack will now be inserted at the cursor position. As it will be exactly the same length as the unwanted section it will fit exactly into the space created.....
  • hh.jpg
  • The last step is to click the unwanted section of Audio track 2 and Delete it.. The sound track will now be complete without the unwanted noise.......
  • ii.jpg
  • Although there will be three splits evident they should play seamlessly throughout.


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