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videopad + srt subititle

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The SRT file you have used does not contain any  subtitles for some reason. It has only the Start and Stop times for the text. Open it in any text editor and you will see what I mean. ........


If you open the file in,  say,  Windows Notepad, (as above)  you can add a line of subtitle text after each line of timings........


Re-Save the file and it should then open in VP with your subtitles at the stated times.......



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Just got around to viewing the video file and can confirm Nat's observation about what appears to be an empty SRT.

But these are Swedish titles and my guess is that either Notepad can't display them or that the font isn't on the PC.

The subtitles display nicely in Videopad 7.5 and in MPC-HC/BE here.

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