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Sequence Preview not lining up with export

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You're saying that the export is not the same as preview?  Tested it in the latest version? For licensed users upgrades are free for up to six months.  After that, VP will continue to fully function but a fee will be required in order to register the newest.

Let's see the project.  Here's how...  http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/23659-tips-for-getting-help-on-this-forum/

If it contains sensitive material you can link it in a personal message (PM) to me, via the envelope above.  Be sure to FILE|SAVE PORTABLE PROJECT AS, not simply SAVE PROJECT, and don't forget to share it.

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Yes, export is not the same as preview. I notice it on a three layered video consisting of a background, midground, foreground. the midground exports a little higher. The foreground may be off too but I doubt it. It's not a big shift but significant enough to disalign my planned graphical cut-outs. I did test it in the latest version but it came out the same.

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