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Create new rec and continue, problem

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Hi, first post here... today I purchased this software  to capture images from video capture card... I made all the necessary settings to make a continuous capture but it seams there is a problem with "Create new recordings and continue" ...after every recording capture it stops and asking me to play or cancel.... can be this a bug in lastest version or there is something what I miss?

I need 24/7 permanent capture!!  please some advice here if can be solve and if not I think I'll  request a refund... Thank you!




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I record 24/7 in 1-hour segments, no problem.

In your second snapshot you have the limit set to ONE MINUTE - 0.01.00, which seems very short, should it be ONE HOUR - 1:00.00 ?

That shouldn't make any difference, tho, your recording should automatically resume - as you haven't had any solutions here, do write to Support, they will respond - especially as you are within the refund period ;)


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