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Ideal Editor - 2+ camera feed editing

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Here's my wish - I am doing a 2 camera shoot - soon will be experimenting with 3 cam shoot - so I now have 2 streams of video & I want to cut between each stream at the ideal moment - really seconds to capture a facial expressions - currently cannot do because seems like all the video editors "can only monitor/display 1 camera at a time. What I need is a display of all 3 streams so I can see everything that is on each of 3 camera's at the same time so I know at what exact second to cut to the other camera.

It is the same process as a producer of a live or direct-to-disk event where the producer watches all camera's and cuts to each camera.

Amazed that it's 2019 and we still don't have a video editor that can do this ?

I just finished a 2-camera shoot editing & it was a lot of peeking, poking, farting around, move this up 2 secs, back that up 3 secs. Just takes too much time to get a nice finished. A lot of going

back and forth. Next one I will go crazy.

Ideas? Thoughts ?


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You might try this, with cam 1 on track one and cam 2 overlaid in sync on track 2...

Select (highlight) all track 2 clips and click the Video Effects button on the toolbar.

Choose SPLIT SCREEN (A or B - whichever is best).  This will half the screen between the two cams.

Though the full pics are not shown in each half, the display should allow easily spotting cut points.

Where track 1 is to be seen, split out and delete the video in the same portion of track two, leaving a gap.

(Higher overlay tracks always override lower tracks.)

When cutting is complete, click the fx icon on each clip and delete the split screen effect.

See this thread http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/19857-how-to-work-with-multiple-video-tracks/

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