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Dennis Moore

Exporting files problem

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Recently I stumbled across VideoPad when I was searching for affordable video editing software. 

I downloaded the german version which is still on v6.26 and I was very pleased with the software. Editing was fast and easy, exporting with re-encoding took 100% CPU power. Just like I expect it.
Then I found that the english version is on v7.32, so I tried that. Editing was fast and easy, but exporting with re-encoding is dead slow and just took about 5% of CPU power.

Converting the 720p sample file from here https://file-examples.com/index.php/sample-video-files/sample-mp4-files/ (without editing) to 480p took 7 seconds with v6.26 and 17 seconds with 7.32 on my 4 Core computer.

I investigated and found that from v6 to v7 the x264 encoder was ditched, which is obviosly responsible for the fast multi-core encoding, and replaced by internal code.

Can I expect to get the fast re-encoding back with future releases of VideoPad or should I better stick to v6 if I want fast encoding when exporting a video?

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Not seeing that here with the 1280x720 file in beta version 7.33.

Lossless encoding was almost instantaneous.

Re-encoding to 720x480 or to 1280x720 took less than four seconds.

This on an eight-core z390z processor with 32MB RAM.

Beta versions are for testing, of course, and subject to frequent changes.

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I have a rather old Xeon E3-1226 v3.

Maybe there are functions in more modern processors which speed up the newer versions of VideoPad?
Since I am not (yet) a paying existing customer I am not entitled for regular support to ask someone directly.

However, I downloaded the beta version which is now 7.34 and repeated my steps.
This version seems to resolve the issue. My old CPU is now exporting the same material to 480p in 6 seconds instead of 17.

I'll double check with older 7.32 to confirm.

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