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How Can I Change the Volume of Part of a Track?

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I have a MIDI file I created on a digital piano that is one long track. I want to adjust the volume of some sections of the track, not the entire track. I see how to select the part of the track I want to work with. Once selected how can I change the volume (louder or softer) of the selected portion of the track? If that won't work how can I change the volume of that portion of the track?

Thanks to anyone who offers assistance or insight - PDQBach

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In this case what you can do is cut the section and paste it on a different track, so you can manage the volume for that section or even add the effects that you need. The program is not going to change the volume for the section that you pick. 

The program that could help you too would be WavePad: https://www.nch.com.au/wavepad/index.html

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