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Philip Goddard

WavePad Crossfade has been broken for quite some time

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Earlier this year I upgraded to WavePad 9.01, and that functioned fine. However, each new version I've tried since then has had broken Crossfade, which doesn't apply the tapers as shown in the preview diagram, as it always did previously. Instead, cut-off ends of the two sections to be joined are abutted but not crossfaded - but also there is some spurious dip caused in level of the waveform, just a little to the left of the abutted ends, which suggests to me that the program is attempting to execute the crossfade in the wrong position.

I have to say, I'm quite exasperated about this, because each time I used the 'Report a bug' facility, pointing out that this made the program completely unusable to me, because soundfile editing is the nominal overall function of WP, nothing has been fixed, and the latest version (9.38) still has this problem. When I reported the issue for the previous version I attached a whole set of screen clips to show precisely the useless results I was getting with each of the available crossfade options - but still nothing has been fixed, and, and, despite my always giving my email address, nobody got in touch to tell me whether or when this would or even might be fixed.

As crossfade is essential for soundfile editing, until this is fixed, WP is frankly no longer fit for purpose - no matter that it's such an excellent program in all other ways (well, apart from its installer's malware-type behaviour, stuffing my registry with junk that I have to take ages removing after each installation).  When I try each new version in which this crossfade dysfunction has not been fixed, I have to abandon the new version and revert yet again to v. 9.01.

Please, NCH team, do let's know when this is going to be fixed. -- The bottom line is that I'll not pay for any more updates until this has been fixed.

Thank you,

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If you have used the report a bug option from the program this usually never works, it is best for you to contact NCH Tech Support Team for them to assist you and for you to provide any details about the issue with them so that they can either help you resolve it or escalated it to their developers for them to fix the issue.

If you want to contact tech support you can create a support ticket for them using this link: https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html 

Good luck!

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Thank you, Fred28. I've just submitted a ticket as you suggest. Let's hope this get the issue fixed quickly.  Can't understand why such a serious issue has been allowed to persist over so many versions (i.e., since 9.01.)!


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