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Working with Insta360 OneX footage in VideoPad

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Anyone working with large video files from the Insta360 OneX camera should know that VideoPad seems to be one of the few editors that can actually handle the 5.7K files that the OneX produces. While it will not output 360 videos at the native 5.7K (5120 X 2880), it does output very reasonable quality 4096 X 2304 format videos that I find quite acceptable for viewing in a VR Headset. The problem I occasionally have with editing longer videos is with overall sound-sync and slight pauses in the final playback IF I save in VideoPad's Mp4 option.  I am not sure why VideoPad has problems making longer 5 minute plus .mp4s stay in sync but I have tried a lot of different output options and the following workflow is what finally worked for me. I hope it helps other 360 videographers.

MY WORKFLOW - First thing is of course to output the converted ONEX .insv & .insp video/picture files from the Insta360 Studio; then load the videos and photos into VideoPad -- (be sure to rescale the vertical aspect ratio of all footage to 1.13 using VideoPad's VideoFX Scale function to close any holes at the top and bottom) edit your video accordingly and then output the file 4096 X 2304 at a constant 30fps (or whatever fps you shot the footage at) to a default quality AVI file. these final video mixes play beautifully 'as is' in most VR players for headsets (ie:DEO VR or WhirliGig). If you do need to make .mp4s, use something like the free  'Any Video Converter' to create maximum quality mp4s for sharing and uploading to Youtube, works great.

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