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Non Techie with new hobby!

text background and color?

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Using the text editor's FULL yellow background with red lettering there is no "bounce" here.  Upload an example of what you see.


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Hi Non Techie

".....Are there recommended color combinations for title and text pages? ...."

Not that I am aware. You should be able to use any contrasting combination of colours for text and background.

"...I used a yellow background with reddish lettering.  ......"

A yellow background with red text should work fine. Note that the editor has three choices of display...

  • Editor background which is the full background to your text in the editor only  but not in the actual sequence where the background to the text will be transparent. This will appear black if there is no background image on the lower track.
  • Text background which is a rectangle of the selected color behind just the text. The rest of the text image will be transparentas above.
  • Full background which is the text on a full frame background colour.This background is not transparent.

"..... When you export, the letters appear to bounce around the screen.  Or is there a way to stop this? ..."

I haven't seen this happening. When you selected the type of text you wanted did you choose Simple Text Overlay?  Some other options will show animated text. (Although I have seen "bouncing" text :huh:.)

Upload an example and someone will take a look.


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