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when adding any sort of text, the area for me to actually type does not show up. if i do try to type anything, words do appear, but i cannot get rid of "Type Text" because.....well, there's no text box for me to do anything. is there anything for me to do or is this just a bug of some sort ??

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On the toolbar, ADD OBJECTS|SIMPLE TEXT.  A box appears near the middle of the screen with the words "Title Text."

Swipe to highlight them, then begin typing.  Or press the <del> key.

If you cannot see what you are typing, choose contrasting font and background colors. White-on-white or black-on-black text won't be visible.

When done, a new clip will be in the bin (top-left) and overlaid on the sequence.  To edit it double-click the text clip on the sequence.

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Note that the small Text box appears under the Clip Preview window. and shows just "Title Text" as in the image below. The text box does not appear under the Clip Sequence window. However if things are working as they should VP will switch to Clip Preview when Add Text is used.


At the start, the text image is placed in the clip image bin and a text clip is placed at the cursor on the timeline overlay track.as shown. if you left click the small text box it will open in a larger window with parameter controls......


In version 7.21 this usually happens automatically. You can now swipe (right click) the existing text, delete it and add your own. Both the clip bin image and the timeline clip are updated as you do this and the result is seen in the preview window.

When adding text/titles etc. I usually have Dual displays set up as you can monitor the result more easily.(File/Tools/Options/Display/Show dual previews)



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