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Ripping - very slow

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I have the latest version.  I mostly rip Audio CD books. The ripping is extremely slow.  I just ripped the same CD in WMP and it was 5 times faster.  Are there settings which can be altered?

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The program is very straight forward there are not many settings you can change and the ones you can should not affect the time the program takes to rip the CD´s. I would recommend you do not use any other programs when using Express Rip and also I would suggest you reinstall the program to see if things get better, if not you should contact NCH tech support to get help from them. 

You can create a support ticket from the link below.


Good luck!

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Hi Larrikin - So? How did you resolve the problem?  I had been using the Express Ripper FREE Demo and was very happy with it. Then, this morning I purchased the "home" non-commercial version. I activated, dowqnloaded and registered ....and it's now taking a VERY LONG TIME ...well over 30 minutes so far for ten tracks.

My plan at this point, assuming it ever finishes - 8 tracks to go, will be to re-boot the laptop and then double-check Express Rip's setting. BTW: I'm ripping to flac

IMMEDIATE UPDATE and another "THANKS" to Fred28 (1 minute later) - I exited the Forum, closed MusicBee which had automatically opened when I inserted the CD, and Express Rip immediately sped up ...dramatically - it finished ripping the CD while I have been typing this.

So, the rule is: When using Express Rip do not have any software open that has any "CD capability".

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to update with my solution

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