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Part Black & White and part colour

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Morning all...

I'm in need of some help.... I'm using VideoPad Video Editor, and i'm looking to create a short video of pics where I want the picture to start and black and white and then change part of it to colour.

Can you help 

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You can convert all or part of any clip into Black and White using the Black and White effect. There are reservations however which I will explain below along with a workaround. So.....To change a clip....

  • Place the clip on the timeline
  • Click the FX box at the left end to open the Effects window
  • Click the large Green + to open the Effects choices
  • Select the Black and White effect,
  • Slide the red effects cursor line (in the keyframe graph side) to the left (Start of the clip)
  • Set a key frame by clicking the small green cross with the red vertical line (First tab above the graph side) This fixes the start point for the Black and White effect. Note that the Enable box is ticked
  • Slide the red cursor line along the graph to the right and stop at the point where you want the colour to return.
  • Click the Enable box to turn off the Black and White effect.(Untick it)

Your effects window should now look like this... (I have moved the red cursor line to the far right so you can see the graph better.


  • Close the effects window

The clip will now start in Black and white and will change abruptly to colour when the second keyframe position is reached. The Reservation on this effect is that it it is All or Nothing. There is no gradual change to colour.

However, you can achieve something gradual like this.....

  • Place the clip on Video track 1
  • Click the FX , Click the large Green + and select Black and White. The whole clip will become Black and White.
  • Place the Same clip from the clip bin on Video track 2. This is an overlay track. Line them up. It will hide the Black and White Track when played. The timeline should look like this........


  • Click the FX box for the clip on Video Track 2. Click the large Green + and select the Transparency effect
  • Mute the soundtrack for the clip on Audio Track2 by clicking the loudspeaker button at the left end next to the FX. (Otherwise both tracks will play sound)
  • Drag the red effects cursor line to the left (The start of the clip.)
  • Set the Opacity to 0.00% (Zero...Slide the control to the left)
  • Set a keyframe by clicking the small green + with the vertical red line above the graph.
  • Drag the cursor line along to the point where you want full colour to appear.
  • Set the Opacity to 100% (Slide the control to the right)
  • Create a second keyframe. The graph will now look like this.........


At this point if you play the timeline the Colour clip will fade in too quickly, in fact straight away...so now do this...........

  • Grab the graph line at some point just before the full colour keyframe  (e.g. a few seconds before the second keyframe) and pull the line down to the bottom. The graph will now look like this.......


You will see the effect on the two tracks of the timeline with the upper colour clip fading in over the Black and White copy....


The time taken for the duration of the change is set by the point chosen where the graph is dragged down. The full colour point is chosen by the position of the second keyframe. Both of these points can be adjusted on the graph by dragging the small square markers right or left.

Hope this helps


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Thank you very much for the information above (really helpful), however, I only wish to turn some of the picture back into colour.

Hope you can assist. Thanks again

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Hi Onks

I forgot to mention that you can also use the Saturation effect. In this case you can achieve the gradual change from colour to B&W (or B&W to colour) without requiring an overlay clip. (As you can see VP is pretty versatile :))  Using this effect is probably simpler.

Use the Saturation effect in a similar way as  I described the procedure for changing the clip to Black and White. Set the start keyframe to 0% saturation and further on, the second keyframe  set with a saturation level to what you think gives a reasonable  appearance.(say, about 25) You can drag the line down to alter the speed of the effect.....Note that the  Saturation  value can be set to above the the raw level in which case the colours of the clip may be too intense - you will have to check as you do it.The timeline thumbnails will give you some idea.

"... however, I only wish to turn some of the picture back into colour. ..."

I am not exactly clear on what you mean by this when you say "some of the picture".:)  Do you mean a section of the clip?

If you mean a section of the clip then use the the B&W effect as originally described or the Saturation effect used in the same way.

If you mean a clip turned into B&W  but with slight colour (i.e. a weak colour) then just apply the saturation effect at the start of the clip with a setting of around -70. The whole clip will then look pale.

If not either of these please come back with more detail.




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If the object is to go from B/W to color for a specific portion of the image here's an approach...

Place two side-by-side identical images on track one.

Click FX on the the first and apply the B/W effect.

Click FX on the second and draw a Polygon Mask around the area to be colored (the mask is the second button from the left on the effects toolbar).

Add the B/W effect to this clip.  The result will have color only in the masked area, as shown below. (Confirm that the "mask inside" box is unchecked.)

When the scrubber (red line) is moved between the two clips they should change suddenly from B/W to the masked clip.

Program a Cross Fade transition between the two clips and the face will colorize.


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