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Rip As One Track

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Love this feature ... but does anyone know of a work around to accomplish the following?  In ripping audio books (that involve multiple discs) is there a way to have all the tracks of all the discs combine into a single file title?  Like, after 1st disc rip completes you are prompted to put in the next disc and continue ... and they continue to output into same file.  I'm trying to work around the way my Sony Walkman organizes / "sees"audio books.  There's a problem.  If I buy a single disc MP3 audio book, all the chapters appear in a single folder.  No problem.  But multiple disc audio books appear as multiple titles and it's a pain in the "?".  The Rip As One Track reduced the myriad number of tracks (of each disc) but I haven't found a way to put the tracks from the subsequent discs into the same container.  Is it possible?


Thanks, G

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