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Hi I have VideoPad professional and I am experiencing a total lack of ability to convert a usable file!

I have created a movie out of still jpg shots and mixed small video inserts (mov). Now the issues I’m having is when I try and EXPORT the project it gives me many options including the default.

I have tried for weeks to transfer my project without success. I have wasted hours and hours, days and day, and weeks without turning off my computer until it crashes despite upgrading to the latest NCH software that states (the new software probably fixed this issue) I then spend more time waiting to reload the project so I can repeat the crazy useless exercise.

The system gives me a message and states "the file size estimate will be 2.3G" so it starts to render, and hours go by and the end is around 300MB that will not run , has no sound and artefacts. This exercise has been repeated many times using various options available in VideoPad drop down menu..

To make matters worse, I spent days going through tutorials and YouTube looking for help and guidance.

I’d like to believe NCH VidedPad public relations spin on how wonderful and easy this software is but I won’t.

I’d rather believe that Afghanistan is now the world’s top tourist destination offering free alcohol on arrival.  

I’ve tried another formats WAV, MKV, MOV,MP4 and all other options. At one point, the file came in at 9.7G!!! As we are all aware there are not many media players that can handle files this large.

So after weeks and sleepless nights countless crashes and my computer be tied up trying to do the impossible,!!

Is there anyone out there that can suggest a fix, or another software I can buy something that actually works and doesn’t waste my time?

Can anyone recommend a psychologist that knows about VideoPad software, because I really feel the need to talk to someone before destroying a perfectly good computer?

I look forward to somebody replying .


Gutsy 1

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