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Dougs Lad

No Chapter Breaks on DVDs

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VideoPad Professional v 6.30
Express Burn v 7.10
Samsung Blu-Ray/DVD Player Model BD-H6500 with remote control AK59-00167A

Greetings!  I'd be interested to hear from anyone who's used chapter breaks on a DVD.  Following the instructions in the VideoPad User Manual, I've put seven Bookmarks on a VideoPad timeline.  VideoPad certainly recognises them because, when I hover over one, a small window appears showing its name and its timeline position in figures.  I've also checked the box in the DVD burning process where it says "Use bookmarks as chapters".

The problem I have is that my DVD player doesn't seem to 'see' any bookmarks on the resultant DVD.  When I press 'PAUSE' during playback the usual small window appears across the top of the TV screen showing a timeline which gives the current time position, the overall recording time, the chapter number and the total number of chapters.  Although the two times mentioned above are shown correctly, the current and overall number of chapters are both shown as "1" -- i.e. the whole recording is shown as a single chapter.  The DVD player itself has no problems with accessing the chapters on commercially recorded DVDs, such as films.

The actual DVD recording (of aTai Chi course I'm attending) is fine, in fact I'm quite pleased with it for a first attempt, but I really need to be able to pick out a particular part of it for practice purposes without having to play through all the previous material (the running time at the moment is 39 minutes and it will clearly be much longer eventually).

Any comments or suggestions would be very welcome.

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Seeing the same here.  Created a DVD with four chapters but playback from the PC's optical drive lists only one.  A bug report has been filed.

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